Advantages of Vehicle Tracking Systems

In the world of transportation technology, it pays to understand what your fleet needs and how your company could benefit the most from emerging technologies. GPS fleet tracking is a tried-and-tested technology that goes far beyond dots on a map. To get the most out of GPS tracking you should start by understanding what the benefits of GPS tracking are and assess how they can help you meet the goals of your business.

  1. Improved Safety
  2. Minimize Fuel Costs
  3. Lower Operational Costs
  4. Increased Productivity
  5. Theft Recovery

Channel Partners with Concox & Jimi IoT

Concox & Jimi IoT are a leading provider of location-based solutions and is a sub-brand of Jimi IoT. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, with an R&D center in Huizhou and local offices in the United States, Dubai, Brazil, India and other countries and regions, Jimi IoT & Concox & Jimi IoT are a national high-tech loT company focusing on location service. Based on connections empowered by loT devices and SaaS service platforms, and by applying techniques such as intelligent sensing, loT technologies, cloud computing, big data, Al algorithms and mobile internet, Concox & Jimi IoT offer various industry solutions that include hardware R&D, platform development and deployment, system integration, and beyond. Our business reaches many fields, that is, Smart Fleet Management, Smart Electric Scooter Management, Smart Asset and Logistics Management, and Smart Campus.

Approved from Secure path

SecurePath GPS Tracking Systems
Regulated by Security Industries Regulatory Agency (SIRA), SecurePath a certified and approved service which is used in Dubai vehicles that are registered under the business category of rental vehicles.

It ensures minimal data transmission that ensures vehicles are simultaneously and continuously monitored by their GPS software which is being used for rental vehicles as well as other transportation companies in Dubai.

Approved from Asateel

ASATEEL Certification: A better way to track, monitor and manage your vehicles and drivers in Abu Dhabi.
ASATEEL Certification & It’s Importance
Asateel platform, the fleet management system, has been developed by Integrated Transport Center (ITC) to enhance the accountability, productivity and safety of all commercial transport activities in Abu Dhabi Emirate; such as freight, passenger bus and school bus transport. This involves the registration of all such services on the ASATEEL platform in order to get Asateel Certificate and permits.

Shahin Registration in Securepath Premium by SIRA

Shahin registration in SecurePath Premium by Amvin Security & Surveillance Solutions L.L.C Shahin registration has begun for companies that have vehicles which need to enter the Seaport/Airport areas. As part of the implementation, these vehicles need to be registered on the SecurePath Premium platform of SIRA. SIRA is the Security Industries Regulatory Agency under the Dubai Police. Their website is here: