Shahin registration in SecurePath Premium by AMVIN Security & Surveillance Solutions L.L.C

Shahin registration has begun for companies that have vehicles which need to enter the Seaport/Airport areas. As part of the implementation, these vehicles need to be registered on the SecurePath Premium platform of SIRA.

SIRA is the Security Industries Regulatory Agency under the Dubai Police. Their website is here

AMVIN SECURITY AND SURVEILLANCE SOLUTIONS L.L.C is one of the approved vendors for SecurePath Premium.

The process is to first register the company on Shahin. Once your company is reviewed by SIRA, if found eligible for Shahin registration, the company will be approved. After approval from SIRA you will need to select the vendor. Here you may select AMVIN Security & Surveillance Solutions L.L.C as your vendor. AMVIN is the telematics and fleet management vendor of choice trusted by hundreds of companies in the UAE for more than a decade. Once we receive the notification from the Shahin portal, we will provide you with the list of vehicles that need to be installed with the tracking device. We will schedule and install the tracking devices as per the requirements of SecurePath Premium. We will then provide you the SecurePath Premium certificate to complete the Shahin registration.

Shahin registration in SecurePath Premium by SIRA

The SHAHIN initiative, in accordance with regulations from SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency), aims to enhance the movement and security of Dubai registered cargo fleet. Its primaryobjectives include streamlining trade operations, strengthening security measures, and improving road safety by closely monitoring truck and shipment movements within the country. This comprehensive system utilizes electronic tracking devices installed on shipments and trucks at various ports, enabling round-the-clock surveillance from their entry point to their destination.

To ensure compliance, it is mandatory for all individuals or entities owning freight transportation vehicles and trucks registered within the Emirates of Dubai to register with the SHAHIN online portal system. The designated deadline for SHAHIN company registration (This Portal), for all Dubai registered cargo transport companies, concludes on July 7, 2023.

Additionally, for Dubai registered cargo vehicles specifically registered under all Dubai port authorities, there is a separate registration under the SecurePath Premium tracking system. The deadline for registration under the SecurePath Premium tracking system is August 31, 2023.

Please note that Further details of the project will be notified upon company registration. For all questions and complaints, kindly contact:

For SecurePath Premium installation and certificates contact:

Call: 0547928891